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There are three categories of book contributor: the musicians below who provided specially written recovery stories; the final 5 contributors below who provided professional perspectives; and there are also excerpts from autobiographies or media interviews featuring Jimmy Barnes, Bertie Blackman, Eminem, James Freud, Herbie Hancock, Paul Kelly, Keith Morris, Archie Roach, Tash Sultana, Jon Toogood, Kim Volkman and Gerard Way.

Contributors: Meet The Team

James, from Minneapolis, found that drugs enhanced his early love for music, expanding his consciousness and confidence to take on the role of ‘mystical poet warrior’. However over time drugs proved to be an unreliable creative partner.  During his addiction, music was used to escape or stand apart from the real world. In recovery James rediscovered life’s magic and now uses music to celebrate life and all the world has to offer.

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