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Amy (2015)

Documentary on Amy Winehouse. Directed by Asif Kapadia and produced by James Gay-Rees, George Pank, and Paul Bell and co-produced by Krishwerkz Entertainment, On The Corner Films, Playmaker Films, and Universal Music, in association with Film4.  



Avicii: True Stories (2017)

Documentary on Avicii produced and directed by Levan Tsikurishvili.



Cracked Actor (1975)

David Bowie documentary, Alan Yentob, BBC



Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004)

distributed by IFC Films.



Metallica: This Monster Lives (2014)

- 26 min follow up documentary on Some Kind of Monster ten years later.



Rocketman (2019)

Directed by Dexter Fletcher, produced by Elton John, David Furnish, Matthew Vaughn, David Reid, Adam Bohling, distributed by Paramount Pictures



Sunset Boulevard (1950) Directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, produced and co-written by Charles Brackett. Stars William Holden and Gloria Swanson.



The Show Must Go On (2019)

Australian documentary written and directed by Ben Steel which examines mental health in the Australian entertainment industry. ABC, Film Art Media, Film Victoria, Screen Australia.



Round Midnight (1986)

starring Dexter Gordon who provides a portrait of a jazz saxophonist, captures the angst and alcoholism of American jazz. Directed by Bertrand Tavernier, music by Herbie Hancock.



Whitney: Can I Be Me (2017) Documentary on Whitney Houston. Directed by Nick Broomfield and Rudi Dolezal.  A Lafayette Films, Passion Pictures and Showtime Networks production.



27: Gone Too Soon (2018)

Documentary on ‘the 27 club’ directed by Simon Napier-Bell.


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